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Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness...

I really didn't do much. I plan on doing a lot more RAOK soon :) they make you feel so good! So here's what I did 2 days ago:

1. open the door for a really old guy.
2. I felt like my BFF was having a hard day {IDK why... it was strange. I just felt like she was..} so I called her up and let her pour out. Turns out she was having a terrible day. We talked for 3 hours lol :)
3. did my brothers chore {well I started it... we had to go somewhere so I was going to finish it when I got back but he had already done it..}
4. I held the door for a ton of people
5. I spent an hour praying for everyone I know.
6. I gave a friend a hug because I knew he was feeling sick and could tell he really needed it.
7. I stood up for my friend and well... long story and there's no way it's going on the internet... so lets just leave it at that ;)
8. Had my mom help this adorable old lady pump her gas... she was having a hard time and IDK how to pump gas.... :P

Ok... so those were all really small but they still made me feel really good :) Here are some things I'm going to do:

1. make PB&J sandwiches and drive around down town handing them out to the homeless.
2. collect donations of blankets and coats etc and give them to the homeless.
3. make lots of yummy food off of my delish pinterest board and give them out to my neighbors.
4. and way more stuff but I'll let you know later :)

Thanks for reading guys! Go check out my Random Acts of Kindness post here. Join in!