Wednesday, January 9, 2013

vote on a name for the new blog!

So I got to thinking about it... and I google searched 'words like UNKNOWN'.

Why? Because I don't know where this is going to go, what it will hold... and it will be a name I'll never have to change. Because there is always something unknown.

Here are some of my choices... I'll be making a poll in the sidebar, so if you could either comment or vote over there that would help me out a lot! I'm super indecisive so you may not realize it, but you really are helping me.

myst(from mystical)-
plex(from complex,perplex-
dicipher(to succeed in understanding)-
alchemi(from life->what it turns into)-
archaic <3-

Thank you guys!
Alyssa Rachele

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's me again

Well, I'm back again.

I never started that new blog I was talking about... but yet I'm still thinking about it months later. Maybe I should do that.

Lots of new exciting and not exciting things have happened in 2012. Nothing quite fantastic enough to tell you all about :)

Alright, I don't even know why I'm posting, but I want to get back into this blogging business. And surprisingly according to my stats, there are at least 300 people who still look at my blog daily. That's pretty sweet! So I need your help.

I don't know where to start.

What do you all want to see on my new blog?

Craft tutorials? Pinterest craft tests? Photography of mine? Stories of my life? Knock offs that I've made? Interiors that I love and can give you tips on how to DIY? Other awesome blogs and features of tutorials? Thoughts on being a Christian girl? Tips on being awesome? Vlogs? Fashion that I love and would totally have except I'm poor? All of that?

Because you'll probably end up with all of that in a mixed up jumble if you don't give me some tips!

I'm in it to win it this time I think. I think I may be ready to start this all over again. Just better this time :) I may start a shop soon. A REAL photography business.

I'm learning about Photoshop and cameras right now, so you can tag along with me in my journeys!

Alright, I'm done blabbing.
Peace out.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Out of the Box

Whoah. That was a good one!

Anyways, I decided on going with a new blog. And I was just going to ask you for help with names... but I kinda like the title of this post.

Out of the Box.

Or not.

Here are some words I like for the title of my blog, and if any of you are creative geniuses, I'd appreciate it if you threw some of them together or mashed up some of your own thoughts for me. :)  Anything will go, I don't care how stupid it is or if you have one suggestion or twenty.

nymph. dreamer. minimal. woodland. box. simple.

Yes, I know they're really random.
The basic idea is something not too specific for one genre of anything. I don't want something merely for crafts or photography or life. I like random. Whimsical. That way I can change it around when I want to, but keep the same name.

I'll have craft stuff, fashion, photography, food, life... and basically everything. It's gonna be fun.

If it helps: I want something modern, white, clean lines, vintage, some pops of color, graphic, and i like unicorns. here's some picture inspiration for what I'm thinking:

Source: via Deborah on Pinterest

Source: via Deborah on Pinterest


Oh and I like the punk-ish hipster galaxy styles too.

So yeah... have at it!