Thursday, June 23, 2011

TUTORIAL - Mum Hair Clip

(heheheheh... if you have good eyes you can see it says 'of doom' under the title.. :P)

Alright, today I finally got a craft done! And the best thing was... it worked great the first time! Like... when does that happen?!?! :D

Here's my first try:
I honestly love it! It's not like most flower hair clips that stick off like 3 inches from your head... :D *BIG FAT PUFFY HEART*
Here's try #2 which I did the tutorial for: (sorry, this photo was flipped but blogger hates my guts so it won't let me upload it straight... and I'm too lazy to try to figure out why....)
(sorry again.. I'm just loving these:)

I don't feel like typing up all of the supplies again (lazy.. I know) so just read the picture and if you have any Q's just ask. :D Oh, for the flower patterns.. I just drew my own.. I totally advise printing some pic of an EVEN 5 petaled flower to use as your pattern.

1. You will need 8 large flowers, 5 small flowers (I accidentally did 9 small flowers and you just get a bigger, fuller flower.You can do 9 if you want this.) Don't try to cut all 8 large in the same cut like me... I warned you. (cut by 4's) Fold your fabric (sortof) like so:

2. Trace your image (and if you're lazy like me use a color close to the fabric's color... again, TRUST ME!*clearly I didn't in this pic...* )

3. Cut out all 8 large flowers. (no pic)

4. Fold your flowers in half... (EXACTLY LIKE THIS!!!)

5.Flip the halved flower over and put a dot of hot glue right in the middle bottom of the flower and fold (repeat with all large flowers):

Get your circle of felt and 4 petals ready...

6. Glue them on so that the only glue is in the middle (don't cover the whole bottom of the 'petal' with glue.):

7. Get your other 4 petals and glue them over the cracks.

8. I forgot if I already told you to cut and glue 4 (8 if you want a full mum clip.) of your small flowers..? Do that exactly how you did your big ones.

9. Glue the little flowers on just like you did the big ones.. over the cracks. do 1 layer (4 flowers) for a not-so-thick mum clip or 2 layers (8 flowers) for a thicker mum clip.

10. Get your last,lonely flower and fold it in half:

And then roll it up like so:

11. Turn it around and snip the end off:
12. Put a glob of glue in the middle of your 'mum' and stick the end you just cut off in the glue and hold it upright until it dries.
13. Use little blobs of glue on each of the 4 surrounding petals to attach them to the middle rolled thing. Sorry I'm REALLY bad at wording things!!
14. (I guess this counts as a step) fluff it up.

You can use this mum on a headband, pin/brooch, hairclip or ANYTHING! Be creative! Glue a few on a canvas for 3d art! I made mine into a hairclip.. the picture is really self explanatory:

Then stick it on the felt and voila! You have a stinkin' cute hair clip!

Now, If you are really lazy (which I'm pretty sure we have established I AM.) you can do the same thing with circles of fabric (oh, and for fabric I used old tee shirt jersey/knit) and get a sort of cute flower thingy:

I personally love the mums though! Totally worth the work of cutting out the flowers... ('cause you know... it took like.. 10 minutes... dang.. that's like ....forever....)

And this pic again because I love it so:

Thank you for reading! I LOVE comments... they make me giddy! each one is like a present on Christmas!



Ashleigh@Sincerely said...

I love this! I always feel like I look so silly with things in my hair, but this is so cute and not too in your face. I may have to try this asap!

Hannah Mary said...

I definitely want to make one of these some time, they are so pretty!

LoriLynn said...

Oh my goodness, these clips are ADORABLE! This is so going into my todo pile :) I'm super happy I stumbled across your blog and I'm excited to keep reading <3
XOXO Lori @

Abby said...

Very, Very cute. I love your blog! Hair pretties are so fun to make.

BluBabesCreate said...

My daughters would love this.

KaseyQ said...

I completely love this!! I think we are sisters from another mother, because just today I made myself a little t-shirt refashion and I was pondering what to do with my leftover knit t-shirt material...I love to make flower hair clips and I thought, if only I could figure out how to turn this material into a flower hair clip to match...Then here you are with this fabulous tutorial and it just so happens that I have actually MADE flowers using this exact same method only using FELT instead of knit fabric!! It's like some giant cosmic puzzle all coming together, thanks to you. :-)

Come check out my blog and see all my flowery-knit-fabric-y projects. I'm totally going to make these flowers and post them on my blog next week! And maybe sell some in my etsy shop too!!

P.S. If you always burn your fingers using your hot glue gun, like I do, use a metal alligator clip to pinch the folds together after you apply the glue. ;-)

Emily @ House and Hone said...

dear darling,
I LOVE adding "OF DOOM" to things....My husband thinks I'm weird, but I am glad I'm not the only one! These are so cute! Thanks for the Tutorial! :)

Anonymous said...

hey its sophie :) you know the one! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! but you already knew that! hey you wore that to my house last week!

Nicole said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

How long do I have to grow my hair for one of these?

Love the blog but I'm staying away from penterist as the comments suggest! Not enough free time.


shannon said...

Very, very cute! I linked to you through tip junkie and LOVE this tutorial! I will definitely be making this in the near future! Thank you for sharing! :)

Nay said...

I absolutely love these! I'd love to make one but I'm slowly running out of jersey and all my t-shirts are white... :( and I'd love to do a guest post! :) I'll email you when I make a good one. If you want you could email me one too. hope you don't mind some sewing tutorials. :) <3

Jenni said...

Love the idea of using hot glue. I've made similar flowers by hand-sewing, and this seems SO MUCH EASIER! Glad I found your tutorial. ;)

Megan said...

I was so excited when I found these because they are so unbelievably cute! I used your pattern and did a flower where each petal was made of a layer of thin cotton and a layer of tulle and used it to make a flower girl 'wand' for my wedding :)

bushpiterson said...

Come analysis out my blog and see all my flowery knit fabric projects. I'm absolutely traveling to accomplish these flowers and column them on my blog next week.

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Anonymous said...

Your site is TOO cute! This will be my "project", this weekend! I found you on Babble's Top 50 Craft Moms, & will go back to vote for you. Thanks for the inspiration...Oh, & I LOVE the "of doom", as well! Lisa

Anonymous said...

featured this today on my blog

Megan said...
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Aaron37 said...

ok 1 I can't believe your only 14! awesome. and keep up the crafty stuff! I love this tutuorial. I make tutu's and headbands and always looking for new and easy headbands to do! this is perfect!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks :) can't wait to make a few "fall" colored ones for my front door wreath!!!

Adela said...

These are adorable! Quick question how many inches is the big flower pattern and the small one? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Very cute idea!

Tasty Destination said...

These are sooo pretty! I love the dressmaking fabric you used, and you always have such great tutorials with wonderful pics.