Monday, June 20, 2011

INSPIRATION: Fireplaces and Mantles


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I know it's summer now, but I've literally been busy all day every day for the past 2 weeks, so sorry for nothing crafty, it's driving me nuts to be doing nothing crafty!!! AHH! Hopefully this week will be un-busy!

Now for the actual post :D Sorry for rambling! So this post is about fireplaces and mantles and how to decorate them (sortof). Actually the reason I looked these up is because I need help decorating mine... So we can learn together :D

The bold color of the rug is so cool! I think it's really unique to have the books inside the fireplace, it's a good idea if you want something pretty and you never use your fireplace for... fire. This fireplace is alot like ours, but it's white. Oh how I despise you honey oak! It's really not possible for us to paint ALL of our trim white... but I WANT TO!!!!! The tiles on this fireplace are so pretty.
I like the bold pops of blue in this room, but I would have put some candles in the fireplace opening... it looks too empty!

Light and airy. Oh how I loveth thee! I wish all of our honey oak could turn to light and airy .... somehow............ (can't wait until I buy my own house... don't worry I'll still be blogging when that happens :D)

Ditto what I said on the last one. Mirrors above the fireplace are a good idea... when I find a cute one... that's where it's going.

Really simply decorated fireplace. Beautiful room.
I love the tiled mirrors in the fireplace, really awesome idea! Dreamy room.
Love the plates on the mantle!

Oh my gosh! The chevron wall! Ahhhh!
Totally unique fireplace. I want built in's in our living room.
I like the beachy vibe this room has. More gorg. built-in's.
Love the mirror on the mantle and the idea of putting a cabinet (for lack of better word in my mind.) to the side of the fireplace if you can't have built in's.
Not a very warm, home-y space, but the sunburst mirror is a beaut.!
I want that mirror for my room.

you can't really see in this picture, but there are a bunch of candle holders and a picture frame on the mantle. So simple and beautiful.

one large piece of art on the mantle. I like that this room has more color in it!
nice rustic kitchen. I know, I didn't post this pic because of the FP....
That fireplace would be so pretty glazed.
Love the color and this one needs to be glazed too...
Fave built-in's so far. I love that there are windows in the middle! And the fireplace is full of wood, so it's sortof like it's own piece of art.
Super modern, colorful room! You can't really tell there is a fireplace there!
so flippin' airy!!!
Very cool colored living room, not too home-y. Ilove the mirror on the mantle, and the doily rug, and how the FP is full of books. And the tufted couches.And the windows. oh, and the floor.... (just not the color scheme too much!)

I think the plants on the mantle look great. The color of the drapes... notsomuch. and I heart the inside of the FP.

Mantle decorating: lots of little junk (don't get me wrong... it's gorgeous junk, and I love it :D) and one large artwork.

Ok, so I just love the art work... you could make it by glueing some fabric shapes (or paper/ cardboard... be creative) and spray painting it white.

Love the whole pic.

Well, that's the end! Thank you for reading!

*Does anyone know when the next design star starts? I can't findout anywhere!*



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Thank you for your comment on my blog and the link to coral and aqua, i love my new room :)

these are great inspirational photos, love the first picture the best, must be the bold colour!

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