Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I need your help.

Alright, so remember back here? Well I still need help figuring out what to do! I'd like to redo our whole house... But I'm going to start on the middle floor. Living room;Dining Room; Office (which you won't get to see 'cause my desk is a mess and it's full of... stuff.); Kitchen; and Entryway. Click HERE and scroll down exactly 1/2 way and you can see our middle floor. I was thinking green and yellow like this post... and here are some yellow kitchens I was looking at. I like the green and yellow plan... but I realised I'd like something like these more: Imperfectly perfect... oh, I love everything she does! So while you're there look around and see what I like. And House of Smiths.. Notice a little fad? ME too. Light colors... Teal... yellow... ahhh, I LOVE IT! But no, our house has to be filled with honey oak, and dark stained furniture I'm not allowed to re-paint. BIG FAT FROWNY FACE. So anyway, I need your help, BADLY. I don't care if you think you know nothing about decorating, or everything, I need help. Oh, and I'm really stinkin' cheap, so don't make me pay lot'sa money! I'm open to anything, and everything. PLEASE HELP ME! I am clearly pretty desparate. Here is our living room, dining room, kithen and hallway:

I hate out maroon/ burgundy couches so much, They are the main thing I'm trying to work around... And I think my dad says no slipcovering... plus can you even slipcover Leather? Ugh.. I just somehow completely deleted a pic. :(


I like it when things look light and airy, but with honey oak our house never could look that way:

(perfect place for a plate wall :D)

Dining room:

Thank you, my dear 67 followers! I'm sorry for the lack of crafty posts, I've been busier than a... i don't know... something freakishly busy :D

And PLEASE COMMENT telling me what you would do! Maybe post on your blog I NEED HELP! :P JK, you don't have to...

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