Saturday, April 23, 2011

WISHING... for the BEST day of my life!!!

OR week... I don't really know. Are you wondering what the BEST day of my life would be? Of course you are... It would be this:

I think I might have a heart attack and die. Really. GUYS!!! This is so EPIC! Here's the deal... Mandi (from Vintage Revivals... the best blog ever!!) is having a giveaway. The best giveaway... ever. Period. End of story. Well not really... because I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on about how awesome She and It is! I'll try to make my "speech" about it as short as possible though! Mandi is going to come to someone's house (please LET IT BE MINE!!!) and give one of their rooms a makeover... MANDI-STYLE! I know... how much better could it get?! Go check out all of the awesome sponsors and details HERE.

Alright Mandi, here's my room... I wasn't going to add it in, but I figured I would for the heck of it... by the way, if I don't win, could you coach me on how to redo it over email? *nervous giggles*

Yes, I'm in my paint clothes. No, I don't just wear them every day. I spent my day (oh, and the two DAYS before that..) painting murals and all of that jazz. Anyways, I'd clean my room alot more if you came.

Here are my towels... I hand picked them... when I was 9(maybe 10?).

:( CAN'T wait to get rid of those!

Here is my UGLY (brassy *sob*)light fixture and a glimpse of my cabinet...

Haha, here's my Puffy Buffie (yes, my family calls them that. Don't judge.) "chandelier"! And my painted record:

Trash can, rug, sink, cabinet (look at that nasty brass!)...

My walls are peeling. I don't know why. :(

My hinges are rusty, but it beets brass anyday. Can you tell I hate brass?

This is where the wall meets the ceiling. I really don't know what the deal is, all my paint in the bathroom is nasty!

This is my room right when you walk in: Poorly made bed (I'd make it better if I had a prettier comfortor to inspire me :D) Junk covered nightstand. We can paint all of my pretty furniture (it was all my mom's when she was little).. I was thinking teal or something with black glaze...

*you know you want to help me redo my furniture... and room*

Messy desk, like I said, if you can come, I'll clean it major! :D

My bathroom door, i love it :P I collect these pictures!

The door on the left is the one you walk in the room from. Garage saled IKEA hanging thing full of (mostly) free yarn scraps.

PLEASE HELP ME REDO MY FURNITURE! It's not that I hate it, it just sounds like fun! Espescially with you! :P

Closet: I have a cool little niche in my wall with a window, I'm sure you could do something epic with it.

Shelf full of old stuffed animals, and crafty stuff I forgot about.
My great grandma painted cloth stuff, this is my pillow that she painted, isn't it awesome?!?!:
See the lightswitch cover? My dad and I made that when I was obsessed with polymer clay. One of my friends accidentally broke it. Last year. I keep saying I'm going to make a new one... (and the mirror thing, that was my *first* thrift store redo EVER!! :D
Hehehe, my list of national days:

Dear Mandi, I love you, and your blog, and I can't wait to see who wins your awesome contest, because whomever wins, also wins all of my jealousy. :D Here is my entry! I hope you like it, and get to come and help me redo stuff. Like really bad. Oh, and in case you didn't already know this about yourself... YOU ARE AWESOME! (how many times have I said that so far??)

This is our living room. We sortof redid it a few months ago, it looks much better but you can come and we can redo it all again :D

I think I just deleted a picture and blogger saved my post, so oops! All of our couches are staying, and I think (unless you convince my dad otherwise) the dark stained wood furniture is staying too. This is our fireplace. I hate honey oak. And brass. So we will be redoing all of that. :D See the blanket in front of the fireplace? It stops most of the cold air from coming in in winter. I want to get rid of the whole rooms "sea" ness. like the boat. and pictures.

piano... If you can come, we should repaint it! It would be so pretty glazed! :D

That's annoying! I must have deleted the pic of the fishtank! On the other side of the fireplace there is a large fishtank we could get rid of.

Today's bible verse ( I've been doing a bible verse a day during lent.):

Kitchen: Biggest thing I want your help with! EWW! We (me and my mom :D) were thinking of going black and white and some color.

More honey oak and brass and ugly wall paper to make you happy:

I like modern, I like color, I love color, I want color. How would you bring color in using our furniture? It's maroon and I really don't know how to bring color in! Would you help me a little even if I don't win ?(which I am going to because I am going to tell everyone I know to tell every one they know to vote for me ) Back door:

Gross fan:

PS. all (Every. single.)wall can be painted! We can make my dad or someone remove all of the wall paper.. mmkay?

Ugly cabinets:

decor from the 90's. It's covered in dust.

sink area:

island (oh, and if we get permission to repaint the cabinets, I'll do it all. By myself. That's how much I hate them. I. am. serious.)

Haha, you can see all of the stuff I cleaned off the island piled on the table :P

dish washer:

Pantry etc:

These valences were up for more than 13 years. We finally took them down. Our windows even look better nekked then wearing these!:

Up close of the wall paper :

Thank you for reading this! Please vote for me and not those other people who pretend they want it the most, because they don't know me :D I want to win this BAD! I want to meet Mandi BAD! :D Also, I like comments! even if your just telling me that you think you want to win this more than me! :D

PS, Mandi, I'm only 13. Does that disqualify me? I'll pretend my parents entered this if it does.... :D Just Kidding, I got the approval to try to win this! :D

Thanks for reading my blog! Hope you come back soon!


Andrew said...

how would I vote?

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

You are adorable! Its fine with me if its fine with your parents! Good luck and thanks for entering!!

Love your guts

Sharon Jeffus said...

I vote for you!!!!! Sharon Jeffus

Anonymous said...

Great Job Alyssa, Keep up the good work!

Steve H