Sunday, April 24, 2011


and to all a good night!

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Fashion + Decor= Addict said...

Good Luck on the contest entry! Regarding the cat pics, I hide them in odd places at my parents house, so whenever I leave a few days later the pic is discovered. So FUN for me!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

happy belated easter! x hivenn

Monique said...

HAppy Easter!

Monique xx

hannah said...

happy easter to you, too, alyssa! i hope you had an awesome day yesterday! oh yeah, and i love the new design! very cool. :)

Sharde said...

hey alyssa, concerning your background issue, i would delete your whole design template and start over. thats the only advice i can give you! i use an old blogger template called minima lefty. im pretty sure thats what it is at least. and you know, i've never been a fan of the "read more after the jump" sorta thing. but there is good reason to it. long story- but my blog is generally image-heavy. that means it takes longer to load, and in this instant gratification world, people won't wait around for your page to load. in addition, when you have the page break, you double your pageviews when someone clicks on it. i eventually want to make profit from my blog so while researching a lot of things this weekend, i definitely feel like its a necessity. but i like that you were honest with me. :)

and check ross for converse. :) thats where i've gotten all of mine