Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inspiration - green and yellow

I'm finally getting around to making the plan on how we are going to redo our house, I was totally lost for EVER! I had no clue in the world what to do.... until Lowe's sent me their Creative Ideas magazine 2 days ago. As I was looking through it, I saw one page that totally got me. I have no clue why! There were greens (olive-ish) and some yellows and tans and black and white. LOVE! So I looked around on Decorpad and found these inspiration rooms:

I especially like this one:

So I pulled out my paint deck and started looking for some colors I like....

I did finally pick a yellow I like and I'm working on the greens... But with the browns I don't know what to do... How to you pick a brown?? They are all so simaliar! Any help would be appreciated (VERY MUCH!!!!) I was thinking yellow based because we have honey oak cabinets and trim and my dad isn't going to let me repaint them :'( I guess I don't blame him. But I'm still not lovin' the honey oak. Alright I still H.A.T.E. it. But for him I'm working with it.... well, trying to! But people, trust me, I will vanquish the brass. I swear it!
The red-ish is our couch... not a paint color. I will update you on my plans in the future! Is a green living room too much? Would a pale green hallway be better? What other colors could I incorperate into decorating? I really like color! Haha, sorry dad...

This was one of the inspiration pics.... I somehow managed to lose the other one. :( I'll find it later... maybe :)

I'm thinking black and white for all of the curtains/valences so if I want to change the colors in the future... I can just repaint and decorate... and not have to worry about finding the *perfect* window treatments. I'm also thinking maybe bamboo rollup blinds in the dining room and office... is it weird for a dining room to have bamboo shades?

I might end up making my own valences and drapes because i haven't found anything that fits our budget and is cute. If you have any suggestions let me know! I'd love to hear!

To see what our house looks like now... click here. :) Thank you! And thanks to all of you who follow me! It really incourages me to keep blogging! If you read my blog and just don't follow it, I'd like you to take the time to simply click 'follow' on the left side of my blog. It'd make my month!


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