Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ok, so I finally made a Pinterest account. Yes, I am way behind everyone. :D Oh well! The reason was I didn't have a FB or Twitter Account, and I still don't. I emailed Pinterest and asked them what I should do and if there was anyway I could sign up without FB or Twitter. Within a few hours they replied saying No, I had to have an account. :( She told me that I could create an account, sign up for Pinterest, and Delete my account if I wanted to. She told me Twitter was the easiest to sign up for, too. I am really happy with Pinterest, the lady who emailed me was very nice, helpful, and fast.

So I did create a Twitter account, sign up for Pinterest, and then delete my account. (I don't want a FB or T because they are just another thing to do, which is exactly what I DON'T need! I'm busy enough As-is! Plus my Parents don't think they are safe.)

I'm really glad I made a Pinterest account! I knew I would be... It really is addicting... actually my mom decided she's going to set limits for computer time because I was on pinterest like 24/7 for a few days...

Well, right now my computer won't let me link anything... maybe it's blogger. I'd like to switch to something else (like typepad.. etc.) if they would actually work! I mean I can't comment on any blogs, I have to push a few buttons and click a few things to post (I couldn't post normally, so thank goodness I have my dad who found out a way for me to post, even if it is a pain!) I guess now I can't link to anything.UGH! If you have any tips I'd REALLY appreciate them!
Or maybe you'll try to tell me and you can't comment either. :(

You might be able to find me by searching for Alyssa E. and scrolling down (I'm the one with a pink heart on a black background with and A on it.) Comment either here or there if you found me! I'd love to follow you!

This summer has really flewn by! I've not gotten ANY crafts done or spray painted ANYTHING! :'( *sobs* I only have one month left before school starts! And 2 of those weeks I am doing service projects all day. Yeah.



Pearl said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE pintrest! You're absolutely not alone with how addicting it can become. :) I've been using it to store all my photography inspiration. I'll have to look you up there :)

-- Pearl

Pearl said...

Also... you're not alone with blogger troubles. I can't log in to my account when commenting so I have to manually type in blog address and name. It's so annoying. Hopefully they're fixing this.

-- Pearl

Lorie said...

Pinterest is AMAZING, but if you are trying to stay away from 'just one more thing' that takes up all of your time, Pinterest is worse than Facebook and Twitter COMBINED! You could spend an entire day there and not realize it!

jackieee said...

Hi Alyssa, I'm having trouble finding your pinterest!I love your blog. I just started reading it today.