Tuesday, January 4, 2011

FIRST TUTORIAL!!: headband holder

I am super excited to have actually made and published my first tutorial! So, for all of you who have the elastic headbands in abundance (like me :P)Get ready to have a nice, organized place to hold them!

(Note: You can feel free to paint this with cool designs! Also, I would advise buying colored clothes pins or using spray paint!)

First: Get a small piece of wood. I found this in my dad's scrap pile. It's about 1 foot long and not very thick. Sand it if you need too. Now get out your clothes pins (I used 10 ) And arrange them on your wood where you would like them:

Now slide your wood out and paint it the color you choose using acrylic paints:

Now paint one side of all of your clothes pins in desired color:

Flip them and paint every where else (Yes... It is a pain! Definitely spray paint if you can!):

Now line them up on your piece of wood:

Get out your glue (I used Tacky glue because I never get things on straight the first time, and this doesn't dry immediately, so I could wiggle them and make them straight. Wow, run-on sentance!!):

Pick up your first clothes pin and dot some glue right under it:

Put it back on top of the glue:

Use another plain clothes pin to clamp it down:

side view:

Continue all the way down (I worked in from both sides):

Let them dry (I was doing all of the before at night, so I just let it dry over night, but you can just let them dry until they are dry!):

Take the clips off:

You can't really tell in the pics, but I repainted the parts that the wood really showed through over:

I didn't like them matte, so I used this spray finish by DecoArt to make them shiny! I love this stuff, I also use it to seal my projects for outside:

Finished!!! Now just nail it to your wall and paint the nails!!:

Thanks for reading this! Hope you like it! Please comment if you like!!


Pam Emerson said...

So, I'm checking around your blog to see what ideas you've come up with, and I think this is awesome! I have a problem with storing my hair bands and this would be perfect. Plus, I just bought a bunch of clothespins! Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Great idea and just what I was looking for! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love it. Next time post an in use picture also. :)