Friday, March 18, 2011

Bathroom 1/2 redo!

Greetings! Hehehe! That sounds kind of funny! Anyway, here is our bathroom 1/2 redone! All that is left is probably repainting the walls (I know... I just labored for a few hours to draw on them. But I think the room will look better with plain walls.) and painting the trim, which my Dad isn't crazy about. At all. But he let me paint the cabinets, so he will probably. maybe. let me paint the trim! When we are all of the way done, I'll post the cost of everything and the final cost! :D The vase on the left has 2 Dollar Tree bags of stuff in it (You know... that stuff... the kind that is just different stuff, like decorative balls and.. well... stuff. wow. I'm good at describing!) The soap pump is from Target as well as the towel (which I LOVE!!!) and TP and towel holders. The picture above shows the cabinet color the best. It's French Roast by Behr :)
The handles are from Home Depot. (Yes, people, I know I put the doors on backwards so that the handles are on the bottom, I will change it soon. Maybe.)

ICK! Here's the before: And here is the after! (what do ya think?):

Here is the lighting after: Here's the (disgusting) before:
Here is the BEAUTIFUL after (the pic doesn't show the real color!):
And the horrifying before :

That's all for today! Do you think we should re-paint the walls? Any other tips?

Have a good Saturday!
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Andrew said...

WOW! how long did it take you to do this?

jackieontherd said...

How come I am just now finding out about this blog!!! Love the sunburst mirror. You sure put a lot of work drawing in the BR--looks kinda "jungle-ly". I like it. I will visit here often to see what you are up to--

Alyssa said...

The wallpaper removal took probably about seven hours, the painting took about 2-3, and the paint penning took about... maybe 4 hours, and we used 1 paint pen for 4$. :D Thank you grandma! Love you!!