Monday, March 14, 2011

Bible Verse! :D

Here is today's verse! Two days ago it was 70 degrees outside... like heaven! Guess what happened this morning?!? Yes, it snowed. *frown* But the upside is that it had been the only "good" snow we have had all winter! (good meaning snowman making! :D I made one and colored it all over with blopens, but it fell over :( )

I also have an AWESOME tutorial coming soon! :D



Andrew said...

Snow is not fun when you thinks its turning into summer a bit early.

Sharde said...

its called the Love Knot from James Avery. you can get it online as well as in the store if there's not one near you. i love it too :) Its fairly cheap- its under 50$ im sure, i think i might have gotten it for like 27 or something. i got it right when i started dating my hubs, so even though he didnt get it for me, its a super reminiscent ring :)

thanks for the compliment!

Andrew said...

Did I miss something:0)

Alyssa said...

Not that you would care about. :D

Andrew said...