Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ugh... I did it again!

Every now and then I'll get on the library website and innocently type in a word, such as crafting, sewing, etc. Well it just so happens that everytime I do this, in about a week, when we go to the library, there are a few armfulls of books that the poor librarians have to carry over and check out. It is sooo embarassing, I'm sure my face turns red each time! But I just keep doing it!

We were just at the library not too long ago, and I was looking in the sewing section for easy things to sew. I left with an armful of books. Sorry Mom! When we got home I immediately got online and put like a GAZILLION sewing books on hold. Whups! And I am only 2 pages in of 25! I made myself stop! I think I'll write reviews on some of the books, if you want me to!

(P.S. the picture at the top is a sneek-peek at a tutorial that's coming up soon! Check back later!)



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Andrew said...

I cant sew but cool.