Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Shop Update

Me and my mom have been working for 5+ hours at the art shop each day. It's ALOT of work! The funniest part is that we don't own or really have anything to do with the place! We've been painting walls smurf blue and paint tape blue for 2 days, and going around finishing all of the murals and stuff! After that we (meaning i) are going to have to redo all of the furniture they bring in. Sounds like fun, but the place is 45 minutes away, so it's a pain for us to get to. :(

THis is my version of the Peaceable Kingdom. Lot'sa work. And we painted it just from a cruddy picture printed off the internet, so we didn't see (AT ALL! NO JOKE!) the other cow, the river, and some other fun stuff :P
The girl who's painting this is working on finishing up the details! I had to do a little because she can almost never come. This picture is before any of the detailing.

LOVE THIS! Of course I had nothing to do with this one... but I love it all the same! :D The shop looks so much better! The sunny yellow really lights the space up!

Today's verse:

Sorry for the lack of craftiness!

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Kelsey said...

super cute blog! lets be friends :) xoxo

hannah said...

They all look awesome, Alyssa! Oh yes, and i love the new signatures at the bottom of each post. Sooo cute!