Saturday, April 30, 2011

Feature ~ The Style Projects

Hi! Today we have another feature! Sharde, from The Style Projects! I met her not too long ago when she left a sweet comment helping me find inexpensive fabric and patterns. Ever since then, she's helped me with all of my problems on blogging, even though I'm sure all of my questions have been driving her crazy :D Haha!

She's a new blogger, but her blog is gettin big FAST! Haha, I'm going to be going around bragging that I knew her from when she started when she has thousands of followers! :D:

Sharde loves style and DIY, which is a great combo!Here's how to make the super cute belt... I'm going to go buy pleather ASAP!

How to make the hair clips here.

How to make the lace cutout shirt here. (Isn't she so pretty?!?!)

She is a hairdresser, so everynow and then she posts some of her clients hair cut Before and Afters... which I love!

That's all for today!


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