Saturday, July 30, 2011

Check it out, peeps

Guess what?!?!!? Today I'm guest  posting at Sweet Lemonayde. eeeeep! soo excited if you can't tell! Nay is such a sweet girl... I just met her on her blog and I somehow feel like I've been her friend in real life for years...  She has a ton of great tutorials and she sews such awesome stuff... definitely check her blog out and follow her!

CLICK HERE TO SEE MY TUTORIAL{it's really awesome}

oh, I'd tell you what it is but I made it for my uncle and aunt and I haven't mailed it to them yet... so UNCLE DAVID DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK! I don't want you guys to see it until I send it to you in the mail... mmkay? :D Love you!



Hannah @HannahHandmade said...

Hey, I wanted to know if you could wip me up a guest post for creating smiles week (i’m low on guest posters...) anywho, sadly, I can only give you like a week’s notice (i didn’t think of contacting you before!). Let me know what you think ASAP. I left my email on another comment or you can see me blog again!

Nay said...
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