Saturday, July 23, 2011

INSPIRATION: Anthropologie

"Hello Class. Today we are going to study Anthropologie." sorry, i know i'm lame. Anyways:

Today we are going to be looking at cool decor stuff from Anthro. And since I don't know what to say now why don't we start?
purdy rug

the best bed frame in existance.

cute couch

yellow rose knob

blue rose knob

cute switchplate.

coat hanger

coral and teal flower vase

grey chevron bag/box

{could DIY} shaggy pillow

floral pillow

uber cute mirror

I just love the design on this cookie jar!!!

sheet set

tea pot lamp {I couldn't get the pic w/ normal lighting}



cutest chairs evah'

expensive artwork. {DIY IDEA: take a picture and print it on a large piece of paper and glue it to a piece of wood.}




{DIY IDEA: Glue coffee filters with their edges dipped in paint onto a paper lantern}

*sigh* I've always wanted a hanging bed...

I like the pattern on this.

skeleton key drawer pull.
Sorry I don't have links to the specific items... you know, that would only take like forever. At least 2 hours to write this post. So just go check out Anthro's Decor section. :{

{RANDOM LIFE STORY: I've been volunteering at the greatest thrift store ever for the past week. Today while i was there I saw this duvet that was sooo pretty! one side was black and the other side was grey with a white trellis design for only 6$ AND it fit my bed. YEAH! I knew we were going to leave in like 15 minutes so I decided to leave it there. (HOW DUMB WAS I?!!?!) So RIGHT next to it me and my friend hang out sorting the sheets. A lady comes up and starts looking at it (I'm freaking out and praying in my head that she won't take it...) then she puts it in her cart. NOOOOOOoooooo! *insta-sobs* I freaked... but I was too nervous to go tell her it was mine. Looking back I would have done it in a heartbeat. I'm (I know I've said this 3 times but I don't know of any other word to replace) FREAKING OUT to my friend. She had to drag me into the back sorting area and she tried to get me to hang clothes. I was so mad I was silent {very unusual for me...}. So when I got the chance I ran out there to see if she had put it back {wishful thinking, my dear} and she had just checked out and I could see it hanging out of the bag as she left the store. Right then I realised how EPIC it would have looked on my bed!
*trying to restrain tears*
Needless to say I'm never going to forgive myself. Ever. Sorry for the lame story.... just felt like I should let my ANGER out somewhere. }



KaseyQ said...

Okay, I'll take the cool woodsy bed with the cool woodsy mirror to go with it. Hook me up with those awesome sheets and the gorgeous duvet while you're at it, and stick that teapot lamp on that pretty vanity so I can see how beautiful all my stuff is.

What? You're not taking orders? Darn. At least I can look, right?

Oh, and as for your duvet heartbreak, let me tell you that every time in my life when that has happened (I've wanted something SO bad and just barely missed out on it- augh!) something even better has always come along to take its place. It's like karma or something. So the very fact that that happened to you means that before too long you will get a duvet that is even MORE perfect for your bed! :-)

Hannah @HannahHandmade said...

Heheh, love your blog! It’s super funny! :) Thanks for following! I follow yoU!

Sarah B. said...

I'm drooling over that bed frame and those whimsical chairs!! :D