Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Blogger Stuff

I just found out from a random website that if you go here you can see (and use!) the new dashboard Blogger is making. I don't know the details of it, actually I don't get why you have to go here to get it or anything, but it's so cool!

I've been writing posts from there, I check my comments and stats from there... everything! The coolest thing I think is that when you click on one of your uploaded images, you can choose 'edit' which pulls up a little page with Picnik on it and you can edit your image and save it and it immediately changes the picture in your post. YEAH! So happy about that. :D 'Cause you all know how much I love my Picnik!

Just thought I'd let ya know! If my links for some reason don't work, just type in {}in google and it will pull it up for you!

Comment if it worked if ya will! <3 you all!


1 comment:

Nay said...

hi alyssa! i just saw it! it's so cool that i set it as my home page (just click the box that says 'make blogger in draft my default' if you haven't yet in the right hand corner :D)