Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FEATURE: Release Me Create

Hi guys! Have you read the blog Release Me Create? I love it! You might remember Maureen from my Big 100 giveaway {by the way, I'm getting close to 200, so if you're interested in giving something away, email me}... She gave away the cutest necklace ever!
On her blog, Maureen has a ton of great, fun tutorials! Let's take a look at just some of the stuff she's made!

{birdy branch art}

{Paper Cloud Art}
{She recently painted her cabinets and gave her counter tops a great faux granite paint job! She's still in the middle of her kitchen makeover, so go check it out!}
{Hanging Mason Jar Planter}
{Painted Wine Vase}
{PVC hanging shelf! LOVE!}
{Tropicana Jar Vases (I actually found her blog through this post!)}

Maureen also has an etsy shop, Release Me Creations by Zen 25. I adore everything she makes, it's so quirky and I love her style! Go check her shop out and see what you think!

Also you should go follow her blog... it's flippin' fabulous! To find all of the tutorials listed above, click HERE.

have a gorgeous day!

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MrsWardy88 said...

I already follow her, and her blog is great. :)