Sunday, August 14, 2011


Are you guys excited? I know I am! Let's get to it!

Winner of the LOVE necklace by Release Me Create: #14 = Rach of So, Hi!

Winner of Peachy/Coral flower clip from Kasey's Beautiful Life: #10 = India of Afro-Indy-Chic!
Winner of the yellow flower clip from Kasey's Beautiful Life: #1 = Shana!
Winner of the dangle earrings by ME! {Little Lovely Things}: #7 = Kasey Q!

Winner of Law Student Crafts leaf earrings: #5 = Marideth of Strictly Homemade!
Winner of the LOVE charm by ME! {Little Lovely Things}: #4= Naomi

Congratulations guys! You should be getting an email from me soon :)



MrsWardy88 said...

Sweet! I cant wait until I get it, I'm doing a "Oh yeah I won" feature! lol

Shana said...

Wow, I won something? That's awesome! Thanks Alyssa! :)

victoria said...

I love the LOVE necklace!!
Vi K E Y: unlock your world.

Nay said...

oh yeah, isn't it your b-day soon? wish i could go celebrate in KS (yes, I was stalkerish and was browsing your archives a while ago and saw your b-day post). I also smile really big whenever I get your comments/emails. And yes, I'd probably run to your house whenever I got the time. (or, you know, you could move over here...) :)