Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hey! Sooo... I'm at 97 followers. {Kind-of excited.}And I was planning on having at least 3 people give something away when I hit 100. I was going to have a big party and all sorts of fun stuff. {sounds awesome, right?!} But so far I haven't gotten any final responses. :( 

So if you want to enter in an awesome giveaway, please either leave me a comment or email me if you are willing to give something away.

I'll love you forever.

And you'll get the joy of exciting 100 people because they could win your awesome product! :)
And I'll even through free advertising for 2 months in there. :D 




Kitty said...

Hi ashley! I just saw your post on my blog. first- fyi- you are one of the dreaded "no reply" bloggers! go into your profile and change it so people can see your email! that way, you'll get more responses :) most of us hit "reply" when we get emails notifying us of posts...but if no email is listed, we cant :(

I'd love to help you out with a giveaway :) I can do a pair of one of my earrings in my shop. I have a farmers market this weekend, so let me see which pairs I still have after saturday. Remind Saturday okay, in case I forget to email you again! :)

congrats on almost hitting 100!! If you're ever interested in guest posting a craft over on my blog, I'd love to feature you to help getcha more followers!

Frannie said...

I would love to win something! I don't have much to give away in terms of DIY...

Kitty said...

Sounds good! The farmers market does pretty well for me- but I split the booth with a friend, which helps cover the $35 fee!

If you would email me this weekend, we can work out details!


Shaylynn said...

Hey! Sorry I didn't write back earlier-- this week is mostly no-computer because Dad took off work for family time, but I can get on for Shoppe stuff. :)

I'd be willing to donate a pair of earrings, maybe with my "signature" leaf beads. Please email at ShealynnsFaerieShoppe {at} gmail {dot} com


Anonymous said...

Hi Alyssa,
This my first visit to your blog and I love it!! Keep up the good work!


Lorie said...

I think I just became number 100!


Maureen said...

Whohoo I'm #101! :)
If you are still looking for a Giveaway Giver I would LOVE to do a giveaway on your blog. I'll make a special necklace just for the giveaway!
Let me know!!

Maureen said...

Sunday sounds great! Tried to find your e-mail but couldn't which is why I'm Drive By Commenting :)
Shoot me a message at ReleaseMeCreations {at} hotmail {dot} com so we can nail down the giveaway!! :)