Monday, August 8, 2011

SPONSOR: Naomi from Sweet Lemonayde

So you may remember this Cardigan tutorial by my BFF Naomi... It's pretty popular. If you didn't see it go check it out! :D Anyways... I just wanted to feature her because she's awesome. Really, she doesn't know I'm writing this :D Hahaha, she never signed up to be a sponsor, but I kind of made her one anyways.

Ok, so the main things you're going to want to know about Nay: She has an awesome blog, she likes crafting, she's my age, she has ridiculously awesome sewing skillz, and she has a ton of tutorials on her blog! Soo... I'm going to show you just a few of them.. mmkay?

'how to package knits' I always wondered how to wrap my scarves cutely...

Anthropologie knock off shirt. {aka the}

slouchy shirt {how comfy does it look?}

washer necklace

satin flower

hoodie vest

infinity scarf {perfect for chilly fall days!}

Those are just a few of Naomi's awesome tutorials... to find the full tutorials and more, click HERE.

Now go check her blog out!


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Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

cool! my boyfriends mom made me one of these I loved it:)

YAY I'VE MISSED YOU TOO! In fact I wanted to put you on as the people I missed but for some reason couldnt get on your blog - I wonder what happened because I got on just fine now.

How have you been? How has your summer been? Do home schoolers have summer school?:/

I've been sooooooo busy! I wanted to give you my email just in case I get caught up and stop blogging again. Or you can add me on facebook at my user is just rosy rocha. my email is just in case we need to stay in touch! I hope all is well Alyssa:)