Monday, September 26, 2011

Do you know your ABC's?

Here are the ABC's of me :) enjoy! Most of them are 

favorites... but a few are facts about me.

A. Age: 14

B. Breakfast: Cereal. {Hy-V brand captain crunch}

C. Color:  Coral, Teal, Grey, Mustard

D. Dessert: Anything Chocolate-y.. :) Yumm!

E. Essential Clothing Item: Jeans or sweat pants...

F. Food: Corndogs & macaroni 

G. Gold or Silver?: Silver for the win :)

H. Hair Color: Fave: Auburn.  Mine: Brown.

I. Ice Cream Flavor:  Chocolate anything! With pecans... mmm..

J. Job: Uhhh... sister & blogger?

K. Knick-Knack:  This little ceramic kitten that was my great grandmas :)

L. Least Fave Chore: Taking trash out or cleaning lasagna dishes. Eww.

M. Movie: Pirates series, Tangled... hmm... I like almost all movies!

N. Name: Alyssa

O. Overnight Hospital Stay?: Nope :)

P. Pop: Coke

Q. Quote: This one:

R. Righty or Lefty?: Righty :)

S. Siblings: Older & younger brother

T. Time you wake up:  weekdays 7:30. Weekends usually around 8:30 except when we have early volleyball games.

U. Under Your Bed?: shoes and my window seat cushion {I haven't gotten around to recovering it since we re-did my room like 4 years ago...}

V. Veggie you like: My dad's famous {not really..} broccoli 

W. Why do you run late?: Forgot something or my family.

X. X-Rays: not that I know of...

Y. Yummy Food I Make: French Silk Pie, Noodles and butter {lol, that requires soo much skill :P  } 

Z. Zoo Animal: Elephant. I once saw a dancing one. Like for real. And it wasn't trained.

 Feel free to join in! Let me know if you do, I'd love to read yours!