Friday, September 9, 2011

Guest Post Tutorial - Afro-Indy-Chic!

 welcoming another one of my greatest bloggy BFFs... India of Afro-Indy-Chic!


Hey Hey Guys!!!
I was inspired by the card board cut out in my Seed Bead Tutorial. I liked how study and malleable it seemed. So I made a pendant out of it.  You can find basic instructions at the very end of this post. Its simply finding a shape, tracing it on cardboard and then cutting it out. I just go into a bit more detail.  So here is what I did. But beware! I did this a few times before I got the right technique . So you will see different pendants. The tutorial is mainly on an owl. And know that I'm no artist. lol

Things you will need:
Scrap cardboard (thin like old cereal box)
A tracable image.... (print something off the interent make sure the out lines are distinct)
glue ( i used rubber cement... makes no difference) acrylic paint
paint brush
bottle nosed pliers
jump rings
earring hoops
Here is my pendant. Its already cut out, pasted onto card board, and painted.
This is the laminating plastic I used... I just used the sticky side. It wasn't worth it in the end. But just in case you may like it, you can try it. Or find another way to make your pendant more resistant and shiny.
Here is the owl wrapped in plastic. :)
I cut off acess plastic then used my handy dandy lighter to melt the remaing around the edges.
I poked a whole through the top of its head and added a jump ring. :)
Here is the finished product. :)
Here are a few more I did.
  This owl is the first pendant I made that actually made sense. I know that its really simple... but I just wanted something presentable to show you guys. :) I hope my instructions helped. If not you can always follow This and This.  The blogger is Karolin Felix, and she makes some pretty good pieces. My bff (google) told me all about her. The details are just as simple but a little more in depth. I just put my own spin, with making the pendants something I would wear. :) 
Come to my blog for the next post. I will show you how I turned basic cardboard pendants into these earrings. 
Let me know what you think.
Hasta UNT


MrsWardy88 said...

Thanks dearest! :)

LaChristin said...

You're are so creative India! Congrats on your feature :)