Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Long Awaited 200 Follower GIVEAWAY!

WHOO! I'm so excited. This is awesome. :) But for the record you guys took SO LONG to get to 200. Haha :P
 But here we are... for the second time in Live. Love. Craft.'s history... having an awesome giveaway :) thank you to all of our sponsors! We couldn't be having this giveaway with out them!


First we have this lovely scarf and clip from Kasey's Beautiful Life which sells for $10...

{This nicely neutral gray jersey knit scarf is paired with a matching 3" flower clip to make the perfect classy combo for any fashionista! The breathable upcycled jersey knit material is just right for warm days and cool nights, and either piece can be worn on its own or with its matching counterpart.

The infinity scarf measures 22" when worn long, but it can also be double-looped for a chunkier, cozier style. Both pieces have raw edges, giving the set a great shabby chic look!

Wear the flower clipped to the scarf for a sophisticated st
yle, or put it in your hair for a fun, flirty look. The possibilities are endless!}
Check out the ETSY SHOP. Check out the BLOG.

Restyle Design Prints is offering any size FREE poster up to size A3/11x14! Here are some examples of what you could get... check out her shop for more prints.
{in Restyle you will find posters inspired by Scandinavian mid century modern design, Cathrineholm, Stig Lindberg, Marianne Westman etc. eychart & letterpress inspired prints, vintage objects and more...}
 Check out the ETSY SHOP. Check out the BLOG.

Wendy & Peter are giving away this ADORABLE hair clip! Priced at $8.
{a cream felt rose on a little striped grosgrain bow is just as cute as can be. attached to a no-slip alligator clip. measures just over 2.5" wide.}
  check out the SHOP.

Janelle is giving away this stunning flower headband! Priced at $13.

{This blue and white stripped headband makes a statement. Not only is it cute, but it is also made from recycled clothing that would no longer be used! it's a unique, one-of-a-kind headband and one lucky person can own it for free :) This headband is also very versatile, whether your young or old you'll look great!}
Check out her SHOP. check out her BLOG.

Kitty is giving away a lovely pair of her leaf earrings. Priced at $4.

{A pair of silver leaf earrings. An easy pair to wear dressed up or down- the perfect anytime earrings! The leaves are very light-perfect to wear all day. If you are looking for a pair of heavy duty metal earrings- these are not the pair! Simple, fun, elegant thin leaves- feels like you're almost not wearing them}

 Check out the SHOP. Check out the BLOG.

Kim is giving away 15$ shop credit and free shipping to her shop, Southside Monopoly. Here are some things you could get:

some bow earrings?

{Girl's sensibility, full of fun and love - Welcome to my atelier. Here is where my heart is :) I make fun and lovely bookmarks, earrings, necklace, bracelet and more.
Everything I craft in this ship is completely handmade with Love, I would welcome an opportunity to show you my little world, So don't hesitate. I warmly Welcome you!♥}
beaded bracelets?

or some adorable pincushions?
Check out the SHOP. Check out the BLOG.

I am giving away this pretty pair of pastel earrings:
 And {different winner} these lovely red and black dangle earrings :)
And you're already on my blog and there's not much in my SHOP at the moment...


1. You have to follow my blog.
{haha that's the only rule... on to the non-rule}
2. You could go follow their blogs and 'heart' their shops. You don't have to and I'm not sure how to make those extra entries yet... so we'll do that next time ;) Maybe 300? :D
How to enter:
Leave a comment saying... anything. Let me know you follow me {I will check} and say... hmm... something you'd like to see me make a tutorial on.
So basically one entry per person. 

Say 'THANKS' to all of our sponsors! I honestly can't believe they were kind enough to pitch in and give their lovelies away! Especially to such a small blog.

The giveaway WILL BE ENDED on  November 26th and I'll announce the  {8} winners on either the 27th or 28th. so if you win it's sort of a Thanksgiving treat ;)
thank you sweet people for reading and following along! Hopefully we'll reach 300 soon so we can have another giveaway! And... erhm... you know if you ever feel like blogging about this giveaway you can go right ahead... :) i'll love you forever!



photography4thecreator said...

Sorry, I was signed in on the wrong account, lets try this again!

"Ha ha, I know I am sponsoring something but I still really want to win a print from restyle design or the 15 dollar southside monopoly credit! Fingers crossed!

I follow you blog :)


elvenmaiden said...

Oooh, lovely prizes! I follow.

I would love for you to do a tutorial on jewelry or a headband tutorial. :)

Kasey @ The Beautiful Thrifty Life said...

Congrats on 200!! I like paper tutorials- anything I can do with paper (posting some stuff I've been doing with it over on my blog this week!) :-)

Kitty said...

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to enter either- since I'm one of the giveaway-ers but I love the southside monopoly store! How fun!

Nicole - Craft My Soul said...

I LOVE your blog and I am a follower! What great giveaways! Thanks everyone.


Caroline said...

I follow, and I'd like a tutorial on hmmm, anything! :) a scarf would be cool...
love you!

Nay said...

You know I'm a follower. I need to have my own giveaway still... ;) anyway, I think some cool unique jewelry would be cool... Like double rings or those connected bracelet ring thingys. dunno how to describe it... Thanks for hosting!

Marianne said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this giveaway. I follow you! Hmmm, Do you bake? A baking tutorial might be fun. :)

Katie said...

I'm one of your new followers!

Suze said...

I am one of your followers - so excited you made it to 200! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I would love to see some kind of jewelry tutorial!

Anonymous said...

I am a new follower of your bog!
hgrossman at cableone dot net

France Irish said...

entered :)
GFC: France Irish

Love the stuff! They're all fabulous! Hope to see more of the tutorials and giveaways :)
Thanks! :)
Have a lovely day!

Clara Dawn said...

I'm a follower... and I would really like to see you make a (modest) skirt or dress.... that would be so fun!

Margaret said...

I am a follower ...hmm.. I would like anything


Tanya said...

I'm a new follower. I love really easy tutorials.

Jenni said...

I LOVE that blue flower headband. So precious! Since you are so fabulous with making jewelry, I'd like to see a tutorial on making some sort of earrings. I've never made them before, so it would have to be specific... cuz I know nothing!!! :-) Congrats on reaching 200 followers.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I would like to see more of your paintings and such. Well, any of your artwork. It's all really cool. :) Congrats on the 200 followers!

Ann said...

I'm happy to have found you via Kitty's blog. Congratulations on reaching your goal and I look forward to reading your future posts now that I'm a follower. Impressive and lovely collection of goodies you've put together for this giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I am so excited to be a follower! I would love any of the goodies you are giving away! As far as tutorials how about how to make a art journal out of an old book (make sure you use your diy stencils to create a page!) THANKS to you and your amazing sponsors! Can't wait to see if I win!

Anonymous said...

i m following you!

not in a creepy way...

i d love a poster!

how about a tutorial on a clutch??



JennyTheArtist said...

i'm a new follower of your blog & can't wait to dive in and see what you've got!