Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sponsor Live. Love. Craft. in December!

I hate filling my blog with these boring "wanna advertise?" posts... but I'd love to have some new sponsors and it's the only way to get it out there ;) So thank you all for tolerating it :D

Here are my stats:
My blog has 215 followers and I gain more each day!
I have an average of 550 pageviews a day
My blog has a total of 60,000 pageviews

Here are my options as of now:

the only size of button I'm offering this month are 220x100 pixels. if you don't have one I will make you one :)
  • $5 a month.
  • if your blog has over 400 pageviews a day we can swap buttons.
  • Send me item of my choice valued at or over $5 and I'll review it.
  • Host a giveaway.
The first two options include a post featuring your shop/blog and your 220x100 button in my sidebar. The third option will be a post of me reviewing your shop & item as well as giving links to your blog etc. If you host a giveaway i will feature your shop in that post as well as put your button in my sidebar. {giveaway items must be valued at over $5}

if you're interested or have any questions, just email me :) Thank you all!


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