Sunday, December 11, 2011

Basic Earring Tutorial - Super Easy ;)

 Here's a simple tutorial on the most basic kind of earring. It's super easy... any one could make a pair :) It's also very versatile... the look completely changes with bead type etc!

So here are the things you'll need to make these earrings:

 And the only tool i used is this one I bought at Joann's which was on sale for 40% off pricing it around $6. Great tool... if you plan on making jewelry simply buy this... don't go buying a huge kit with all the junky different tools. :) this is all you need... round tipped pliers, pliers, and a wire cutter.

Slide a seed bead, large bead, seed bead on your head pins.

bend the pin at a 90 degree angle...
Cut it off, leaving a little less than a half inch of wire.

grab the tip of the wire with your round pliers and curl the pin:
loop it through your earring blank and squeeze at the base to close the loop.

Ta-da! See, super easy and very pretty!

this can be used with many different beads making a ton of different styled earrings! Just have fun with it and create your own design! :)

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P. said...

simple but pretty :)

Anonymous said...

They say this is too feminine for a guy, forget them. All my friends thinks I'm gay already anyway >.<

Thanks for the tutorial. I always felt that making something for someone meant so much more than just buying something. Perfect timing tutorial right before christmas!

Oh, what is guest posting (hehe, sorry, I'm new to this whole thing ~.~). And how did you get over the upload barrier you mentioned on your previous post?

By the way, you are my first follower, thank you for the support =D. I understand how it's hard to keep blogging if you feel like no one is even there with you. I just started so hopefully it gets better. Thanks again, you da beast :)

Anonymous said...

Where do you get all your great ideas?

Little Sofia said...

Love ur blog!
follow me back? ^^