Monday, January 23, 2012

randomness of the day...

life has been crazy. so here's a ton of randomness to fill in my blogging gap, considering i have nothing at all to post :)

random thing #1: i love the blog A Beautiful Mess. it's lovely and i'm so jealous of Elsie's closet :)

random thing #2: i just signed up for bloglovin. So now if you have a bloglovin account, why don't you follow me?

random thing #3: we're having a family day today! gonna go bowling... in my ugly sweater *see RT #4*

random thing #4: we went to Salvation Army yesterday to get one thing, we left with a bag full of 49 cent clothes. i've been searching for an ugly sweater for a while {don't ask... i don't have an answer} and i found one that satisfies my need until i find a better one. plus it was only 50 cents, so i'm happy with it.

random thing #5: i have a lot of clothes re-fashions coming. be prepared {for either A) some awesomeness or B) some epic fails.} either way it only cost 50 cents :)

random thing #6: i had a retreat at Church yesterday... it was wonderful. i went in there thinking it'd be lame and left crying because it was so great. sounds stupid but i think i'll write a post about it...

random thing #7: school's getting REALLY boring already. ugh.

random thing #8: picnik is closing. i'm going to CRYYYYY!!!! check it:

but hey, we get free premium for a few months ;) and i think it'll still be 'alive' just in google+. it better not disappear....

random thing #9: i'm STILL in my non-creative rut. kinda sick of it.

random thing #10: i'm working on a sort-of 'line' for my etsy shop. *hint* it has to do with adorable felt bows. and lots of them :) will someone PLEASEEE buy something from my shop? :) i'll love you forever and a day!!!

random thing #11: Caroline and I are FINALLY going to go out for a hotchocolate together on Friday. I'm so excited to see her again and brainstorm together :)

random thing #12: i like pandora. it's cool. Christina Perri station is my fave ;)

random thing #13: i haven't gotten to see any of my friends for AGES. stupid school.

random thing #13: we better OWN this volleyball tourney on Saturday. i'm not going home all :( again ;)

random thing #13: i think you should go read Ryan's post. it's pretty cool.

random thing #14 watch this video. common mis-conceptions about homeschoolers:
random thing #15: i don't know what else to say... so peace out!

{random thing #16 here's a random picture...}

 <3 Alyssa


Grace Lynne Fleming said...

I wanted to cry about Picnik too! what to do ... what to do


Faith said...

I think I better start counting my blessings now!

PoppyHarleyLove said...

I love finding "interesting" things at the Salvation Army so I'm right there with ya!

Caroline said...
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