Monday, January 16, 2012

Sponsor: Pleats & Pintucks

It's kind of a funny story... you know how i don't tell anyone about my blog right? I don't. My bestest best friend who's crafty too knows about it and her parents. that's about it. My parents told some of my aunts and uncles and stuff but for the most part i don't like people i know in real life reading my blog. I don't have a real reason but idk it's just my thing :) Anyways i got an email one day from a lovely old friend i haven't seen much in the past few years, apparently she found my blog and loves it and is starting a new one. What a coincidence, right? She was looking up DIY flower hair clips and found one of my tutorials!!! Anyways, it was great to be talking to each other again and she's now one of my sponsors! Without further adeu, here's my bestie Caroline:

So, hi. :) My name’s Caroline and I blog over at Pleats and Pintucks. I actually just started the blog (and I do have to say that although I had created my blog already, when I discovered Alyssa’s blog, I just had to start posting. Because she’s just that awesome and she so inspired me. Don’t y’all just love her?? I’m so blessed to know her personally! :) and I’ve only got like eleven posts or something. And four followers. But still, I really like it. :) I think I should stop doing smiley faces now and really say something.
I’m fifteen years old and Catholic and homeschooled. I like to diy and sew (anything that’s cute). And I spend waaay too much time reading other people’s blogs or surfing for cool projects. I loved 2011 mainly because I finally lived a dream…I went to France. Paris was, truly, people, all it’s cracked up to be. You can read a little about it here. My post is the first one. The blog was created as a one-time thing, so I don’t expect to be posting anything else. But anyhoo. Back to craftiness. I really enjoy creating bags…I think that’s pretty much the main thing I make…because I just can’t get enough. Like shoes, you know? Love accessories. I also like making clothes…
I’d love for you to follow my blog and thanks for reading this little blurb!
Thanks to Alyssa too for the best crafty blog out there and for letting little ol’ me be a sponsor! 
I’ve decided to share a crazy-easy tutorial with you for a headband. It’s really not even considered a tutorial in my book, but it does show I’m kind of crafty (heh.heh.), right?
1. Find (or buy) a comfortable headband.
2. Get out the glue gun and buy (or find) some trim or ribbon.

3. Starting at one end, put a dot of glue on the back of the headband and put the edge of the trim on to seal it off (ya know what I mean?).

4. Working in sections, put glue on the outside of the headband (where you want the trim) and wrap the trim around, making sure to stick it to the glue.
5. Finish the last edge the same way you started (again, you’ll know what I mean).
 6. Put on! And don’t take silly pictures of yourself, like I did.

And, because I love you, here’s some pictures of other headbands I’ve diyed:
I glued on a sparkly flower pin here…

And did the white trim again, this time with a bow, here..

And this is one of my favorites – black velvet with a bow

And a gold glitter headband. ;)

So yeah, go out there and make (literally!) instant-gratification crafts! And visit my blog while you’re at it, because I’d love to check out yours!

Go check out her new blog, Pleats & Pintucks, and follow along! I know she'll have a ton of great tutorials and such some day soon :) She also has a in-the-works shop for her hand-sewn purses, clutches, and more! Go to her blog to check it out! 



Ivy said...

I was blog-hopping around and I somehow ended up here. Love the blog, so cuuuute!!

Sherry said...

They turned out so nice.
Great idea!
Sherry's Bees Nest

{megan} said...

I am the same way! I thought I was alone (: It's kind of weird for me to have people I know in real life read my blog too... so I totally understand. (:

Cute headbands- so simple yet so pretty!