Friday, February 17, 2012

//giveaway alert//

so. sorry for excuses. i feel bad, but honestly i've had SO much other stuff going on. i haven't even checked stats in 2 days. and i usually check them like 5x a day. haha if that proves a point....

The giveaway. Over at AunieSauce i'm giving away these earrings. go check it out.

and the rest of this post will be entertaining yet extremely random. ok?

so. i was talking to a friend of mine today and this is what he said: "yea but you see girls are like volcanoes. They errupt without warning, they do it every month, and when they do, all hell breaks loose ;)"

i'm sorry but that is just pretty awesomely funny. sooo... me being awesome i made it into a picture quote:

{anyways that conversation was odd. i told him about a dream i had last night that my mom had a baby and my 4 year old brother named him helicopter which made me mad. so then we were thinking up nicknames i could've called it and we came across 'hell child' {helicopter>heli>hell>hell child>devil>satan} clearly i didn't like this kid. but please don't be angered or judge me... this was a weird dream ok?!?! and so then i said well did he think it was a girl or boy and he said girl because of that reason. haha i love him ;p}

Source: via Lori on Pinterest

so i found on pinterest that if you use a cotton swab to put hydrogen peroxide on your teeth once daily for two weeks you'll get white teeth. so far... it's working. :)

Source: via Bridget on Pinterest

this summer i'm probably going to go on a hiking trip with my dad and some other Father/Daughters my age from the boyscout group. i'm pretty excited yet freaked. 3 days. Freeze dried food only. Sleeping in tents. No showers. Haha we'll see how it goes. And i have to carry a backpack. Upsides? It's an adventure. I get to be with Sophie most likely. I'll bring my camera and get a flippin ton of great shots {please last me, dear camera battery!!!}. no electronics. :D NATURE!

Source: via Katelyn on Pinterest

this mom? AWESOME. :) end of story.

Story of my life. i'm totally going to start saying that and making that exact face :)

yes. i do this. haha :)

on the topic of my love life... oh what's that? i don't have one? oops. you're right i don't... haha

anywayssss... (i'm writing this really late at night. i get super wired really late... so be aware that that is why i'm being such a spaz right now :)  so i used to watch pokemon ALL the time. i mean i have a big brother so i just did whatever he did. So i have an addiction to all things pokemon ;)

dear future husband... ask me like this... please? ;) luv ya!! and if you aren't sure you want to marry me yet but just wanna profess your love? here's this one:

haha yes... i am a nerd. :D

I want to go to burger king. at midnight. but i can't drive so i guess i'm just going to go to bed now... :)

Haha i shall be back soon, WITH A CRAFT!!! i promise it's good i just need to take the pics and write the post. :)



Elisha(: said...

aahh i loovvee that mom texting one, and the one below it!! :P

and, i do that on the stairs tooo, omgg!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have to go on that camp out. Shall be........interesting. :) love ya....... And all your pinterest quotes ;))))