Friday, February 3, 2012

///nail polish addict?///

once upon a time, i was trudging back to my mother after searching the clearance section of a royal place called Walmart. As i pursued the isles for more items on sale, i found a MAMMOTH sale on this queer stuff called 'nail polish'. It's simply paint for your nails I'm assuming. Anyways it was marked down to 50-75 cents a piece. So if you know me at all, you know i love a good deal, i snatched up basically every color left. :)

   A very pointless story for your day. But anyways the moral was is that when i got home i decided to sort all of my nail polish. So i did. and i realised i have wayyyy more nail polish than any human being should {unless you own a salon/spa place...} so yeah i decided to take pictures and show you guys how weird i am.
here's a slideshow going down my OCD organized line of nail polish ;p

Actually, i was going to make a little vlog thingy of me showing you my nail polish addiction, but as i watched the video i realized i'm even more dorky than i thought. So yeah... eherm ... let's just say that i didn't feel like i should scare you all with my awkward videos. I deleted them so that in the future when i'm old and we're going through old pictures and videos and we watch them my kids don't get disturbed by how weird their mom was. ;)

In my defense, i can honestly say all of my nail polish is either A) $1 or less   B) a gift   C) major clearance.   I did the math {and it's a weekend... i did it just for you. so feel special.} and in total ALL of that nail polish you see? yeah it cost me under $30. So i'm happy ;)

{my faves are the glitter ones from Forever 21. they. are. amazing.}

love you guys!!! thanks for reading!

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Grace Lynne Fleming said...

great post! And I have the same obsession!


*I'm having a giveaway!