Thursday, February 23, 2012

//SPONSOR ME: month of March//

{actual size}

What you get when you purchase ad space:

  • 220x125 ad in my sidebar for one month
  • feature post on you/your blog/your shop
  • links to all of your sites i.e. pinterest or bloglovin{including FB & twitter}
  • option to host a giveaway... gaining you more followers/admirers
Want more options? Maybe some FREE ones? Thought so :)

  • send me an item to review {over $4 value} from your shop 
  • if you have a blog {within my genre of blogging} with over 250 followers, i DO swap buttons.
both of those options come with everything you get when purchasing ad space.

What will i do with your money?!
  •  pay the $10 google requires to change my web address. right now it's really long and it doesn't even fit my blog. i will change it to something easy to remember. plus it'll just be a dot com... no more dot blogspot dot com :D))) yay for that, right?!
  • go to burger king... JUST KIDDING! {okay, yeah so maybe i will.}
  • buy some new supplies. crafty stuffs :)
  • or maybe i'll just go to a thrift store and accidentally blow it all there. ;)
  • buy some ad space on a bigger blog... which in reality helps you as well. {the more pageviews i get, the more pageviews YOU get :) wonderful, isn't it?}
Whatcha' waiting for?!?! shoot me an email and i'll get your stuff up ASAP!

{by the way... this is for sponsoring in the month of March. if you'd like to plan ahead for future months... just email me.}

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