Saturday, March 10, 2012

//it's BLOOPER time//

ohhh yes we do, don't we? :) here are all the bloopers from Sophie and I's first photoshoot. haha {here are HER pictures and MY pictures}



hehe it's the snazzy bump-it picture ;)

*there was a fuzzy. that looked nasty.*

haha most of these are like us singing... we had the radio blasting the whole time so we'd randomly break out in the midst of a picture :p

mah friend called.... hehe

i love you sophie. you're awesome. jussayin.

oh yeah. super hot when the wind blows your hair in your face, right?! ;)



*basking in the sun*

yeahhhh she couldn't do the trick that you close your eyes and then open them and i take the picture {used for when facing the sun}. but hey, i can do it :)
"oh lookie! it's a tree! and it has BARK!!!"

in our defense it was like 30 degrees outside.

my right eye decided to dweeb-eye on me. so kind of you -.-

this is me. like 24/7. if you know me you know it's true. haha

it's almost kinda... scary! lol
the cat hated her. hehe i got the good pics :D

haha this is like... US.

*what the heck stupid flowers go die in a hole. you're poking my leg -.-*

let's just say that pose didn't really... work.

there was mud on it.... and i thought it was cat poo.

haha singing to Domino

my room was a horrific mess. there's my math book.... and great grandma's jewelry box... and a bunch of props and school books and a bible. and clothes.

taken right before she almost killed both of us and ruined my mom's furniture. lol. she pushed the shelf part off on accident and we both just sat there stunned as it started toppling over. somehow it stayed up by itself though. haha

hehe texting her mom. homeschoolers are so cool ;)

i don't even wanna know what i was doing...

i got tired of messing with them and threw them at the wall. :)

once again.... bad prop. they kept getting tangled lol

Well thanks for reading guys! hope you enjoyed the bloopers :)


Anonymous said...

Hey babay! I love these. They make my life complete. Let's do another photoshoot soon WITH ANNAAAAAAA!!!! :) hehe


Hayley said...

Ahahaha! You guys are fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Those are AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

you are sooo pretty :) it looks like you guys have fun together ~:o)

Meghan said...

Haha, so funny... and don't worry, we still want you for the q&a guest post :) Since i got back from florida and we have posts to catch up on, it may be another week.... but please be patient :)

The Look Lover said...

Beautiful photoes! I follow you...if you want,come to visit my blog,ciao Paolo