Tuesday, April 10, 2012

//what's a directioner?//

DIRECTIONER: a person avidly obsessed with One Direction.

Now, I am NOT a directioner. Yet. I'm getting there though, unfortunately ;p Now, if you're old or just totally out of it, you may not even know what One Direction is. Let me introduce you:

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From what i know 1D is a group of 16 year old guys who all auditioned for the X-Factor. They're all from somewhere in the UK. (yayyyy they have accents!!!) They didn't know each other until i think the judges told them to make a group. So they did. And they made it to the final three. :) And then signed on to some record company and now they're famous and are being drooled over by millions of girls world-wide ;)

And may i add i'm not one of the girls drooling over them. I drool over their voices... but (this is going to get me a ton of haters!) i don't think they're all that attractive. Just being honest with you. :)

I think Zayne and Niall (Liam is okay) are pretty cute; but definitely nothing to go insane over ;)
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And i just found out Niall's birthday is the day after mine. :)

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oh Harry.

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okay so Harry is actually okay... ;)

anyways i'm tired of looking at their faces. so if you want more here's an amazing NEVER ENDING board of their pics :p  CLICK HERE.

oh yeah. and their music. hehe ;)

What Makes You Beautiful
One Thing

Up All Night

Gotta Be You

So yes. Let me know what you think... :) You a directioner now?!


PS ohhhh wait!!! my favorite EVERRR!!!

One Thing Acoustic ;)


Anonymous said...

OMW!!!!! i ♥♥♥♥♥ them!!!

catharine said...

Hahah not 1D :P Watched them all the way through Xfactor - can't believe how big they are worldwide now! Probably the biggest band to come out of this country in quite a while. I find myself a bit too old to fancy any of them - but their songs are so very catchy and on Radio 1 alllll the time.


Meghan said...

lol you can see Liam's six pack through his suit :p

Meghan said...

By the way could you do the q&a guest post for us this Thursday!!!???

Anonymous said...

Haha I'm a directioner!!

Sophie said...

Hi dear! Thanks for following my blog! I LOVE yours and you are VERY beautiful! I'd love to get in touch sometime about a guest post or something? Thanks again! :)

Caroline said...
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Cara said...

Hi sweet lady! I found your blog via She Smiles, She Writes and am SO GLAD I did! Finding sisters in Christ that blog is like a diamond in the rough. I'm your newest follower! xoxo

Camila 1D said...
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