Friday, July 20, 2012

TUTORIAL: Pokemon Nails

I grew up with one older brother. He was my biggest influence and my best friend ... I wanted to do everything he did and I lived most of my childhood being a big tomboy.  We watched power rangers, monster trucks, scooby doo and pokemon. We climbed trees, built forts, played some intense pillow fights and everything like that. Dang I miss those days... haha! But Pokemon was huge with us. We both bought decks of cards and played pretty hard core :) And I will admit that a year and a half ago we got back into it and we went out and bought new decks and played every spare second for about a month until i was creaming him and he tried making the rules change for him (he always has done that) and I got mad and then we quit.

Anyways... moral of the story... I miss my brother. Okay no it's actually that I decided to make pokemon nails but I just realized how good of a life I have. Who knew God could work through something silly like this and make me appreciate life more? :)

ANYWAYS... enough with my ADD!! I made pokemon nails. And I want to show you how you can, too. So here we go, you ready?

You need: Red, black, white, base and top coat nail polish. tape.

1. the usual. Fix up the nails and base coat... you know the drill!

2. Get black. Paint a stripe down the middle of your nails like so:

3. Wait for that to dry. Cut some painters tape (that's what I prefer to use... I think any kind will work!) in a small strip and put it on top right down the middle of the black.

4. Paint white on the bottom and red on the top.  Let it dry and do a second coat if needed and immediately peel the tape off after your last coat.

 5. Paint a black circle in the middle of each nail. Let it dry and do a smaller white dot in the middle of that.

6. Let it dry and then top coat and you're done!

This was my first try ever, so I'll be trying out a different technique soon and I'll let you know if that one works better.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope you enjoyed it!


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CK said...

Oh! These turned out awesome!