Friday, January 7, 2011

Headband tutorial

I made a bow headband, but you can make it anything! Here ya go:

First: draw and cutout the shape you want. Second: lay it over the cloth you want. I used a thin cloth, but I'm sure you can use a thick one too.

Third: cut it out a lil' bigger than you want it to be in reality.

(This is how much mine was bigger! Sorry for the bad picture!)

Fourth: pin your cut out shape onto a piece of felt.

Fifth: Cut around the pinned shape and sew around the edge.

(cut off excess.)

Sixth: cut out a circle that is too big:

Seventh: sew around the circle. (sorry for the bad pic again!)

Eighth: Sew little lines like you would see on a bow.

Ninth: pin the bow to your headband. (I made mine by chaining crochet until it was the right length for my head; then I joined the two ends using a slip stich. I then double crochet all the way around and tied a knot.)

Tenth: sew your bow onto the headband using invisible thread.

Ta-da! I think the next one I make I will make the center a different color or something! This can be done with any shape! I was inspired by this. I also made an adorable headband following her design!
Hope you like this tutorial!

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