Sunday, January 9, 2011

Burke Designs

I was doing some googleing (is that a word?) and found a cool decor website, it's called Burke Decor. I looked around their website and found a few things that I could make : I was thinking of wrapping a lamp in jute for the above. It's only $614!
If you ever see any wooden bowls at your thrift store.. buy them and spray paint them silver, and you just saved yourself 235 dollars!

I just really love these, don't know how you could make them, but I will be thinking!! $125.

I was sooo close to buying a wooden bowl in this exact shape for 99 cents a goodwill yesterday! Wish I would have! I would have saved 79 dollars!

A vase in this shape is on my thriftlist! $ 64.

These frames could be made easy enough, I think I accept the challenge of making one! It has to be cheaper than its $36 price tag!

Frame: $1,065! WOW! With my dad's help this could be easy enough to make!

That's all for today, but tomorrow I will try to post some more projects of mine! Comment if you liked this!

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