Friday, February 18, 2011

Semi tutorial ~ Painted shoes

Today I re-did some old shoes I found laying around! Here's the semi-tutorial: Begining shoes (falling apart!):

I cut the bows off:

Then I (had to) cut the trim off(it was already falling off) :"( :

Painted sploches with acrylics :

painted leaves:

Sharpied it.. my new hobby.. sharpieing flowers.. more on that later.:

(sorry in advance for the totally awkward pics of my feet/legs!)

The messy edges don't look so bad when they are on..

I really wished I somehow could have covered the edges.. they look bad! Oh well, the shoes are almost too small!


Anonymous said...

so cool!!!!!! :D <3 XD wow you are awesome! i wish i could do stuff like that :D

Nay Nay said...

Whoa that's cool! Your blog is awesome! Come visit anytime ;)