Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekends.. :D

This weekend this is what we/ I did:

Draw and paint pictures... this one is by my fabulous mom: Go looking for wallpaper for our middle bathroom... I had always heard wallpaper was expensive, but I thought it wasn't that bad. I was thinking it was going to be possibly two rolls..... you know... under 50 $. NOPE. Over 100$, wow you wallpaper people, wow. Tell me if you have any ideas on what to do to get a pattern that does NOT include a projector.. PLEASE!

We went to Smallcakes. We saw them on Food Network (cupcake wars) and they are right around us so we went to go try them out. Yummy! WAY to sweet, we were dying of sugar! Neither my mom nor I could finish our icing! This one is caramel crunch.

This is my colored pencil drawing before it got smoothed out, I'll show you a technique for that and the finished project later.

Random picture I took while at a stop light. :P

So thats what we did this weekend, what did you do?

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