Friday, February 11, 2011

Tutorial ~ DIY jewelry bails

I really wanted to make some jewelry, but I didn't feel like buying bails, so I just made my own and here's how: Gather your supplies, in this case an old notebook spiral, wire cutters, and pliers( TIP: I read something after this and found out you should put some masking tape around the tips of your pliers if they are ridged. That way you won't make ugly dents! :D Wish I had read that before I made all of these... oh well!)
Pull part of it so it's straighter.

Cut it off.

Use your pliers to make it mostly straight. It doesn't need to be perfect, just pretty straight. :P

Make an itsy-bitsy loop.

Grab and wrap. (Grab the little loop, and wrap the wire using your hand.)

Just go until it's about a 1/2 inch wide; then bend the wire backwards to make an almost 90 degree angle.

This is how big it should be. Pleaseeee ignore my ugly finger!
Bend to make a loop (try to get it as round as possible).
VOILA! Now you have a jewelry bail that is 100% recycled! I'll show you how I am going to use mine when ever I get around to it! :D
Have fun! Each bail took me about 5 min. Comment if you like this tutorial, and/or if you plan on using it!



how cute & easy..good..

Young and Crafty said...

These are fun earrings! Great idea to recycle!

Thanks for sharing in FFA!