Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Thrift Store re-do, and more Bible Verses

Yesterday we got to go to the thrift store, I found a few cool things. I am starting to find that my thrift stores are actually expensive... well... to me. Like all of the dresses are 5$. Pants and shirts are 3$. WHY? They got it for free, and they have a LOT! I wish they sold stuff by the pound around where I live. Any way, I'll try to post the rest of what I got and their makeovers! I found this little owl, the first time I saw it, I thought, "That is soooo creepy! Who would pay even 50 cents for it?!!?" I passed it a few times, and realized it could be cute... with a little help! :D So here it is in the beginning: I made clay eyes for it out of polymer clay and baked it:

I painted it teal with acrylics after sanding it, but it all just scraped off:

This is where my new Decoart faux glaze comes in! I mixed it with the teal paint and did 3 coats of glaze, wiping it off by just squeezing it with a napkin.

(his back)

This is after just the glaze, he still looks creepy, I know!

I painted his eyes and beak... I just realized I didn't paint his feet! Should I? What do you think?

(photo edited :D)

Here are yesterday and today's bible verses!

Grandma, this is for you! I thought it was hilarious! Check out his other videos too! I'll post my faves

(And thanks to my best friend for showing them to me!)

Have a good evening!



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Tiffany said...

thats a hoot ;) very cute!

thanks for sharing the bible verses too!