Friday, April 15, 2011

Garage Sailing - part 1

Yesterday and Today's Bible verses:
I love garage sailing! I know it's not actually spelled like that FYI. :P It just feels like you're sailing around buying stuff from lots of little thrift stores! :D Hehe! Anyways, this weekend is our neighborhood garage sale weekend, so naturally, we went the first day and bought lots-a stuff! :D Here is part one of what we got:

^ 50 cent sunburst mirror. pretty picture frame for $1.
Fake bread, wheat, eggs, a random banana (I didn't see it or the scarecrow which is now in the trash :P) And a hen candleholder which is actually pretty cute. :D And the bin they are in is super cute!
2 basket things from pier 1 (with 10$ price tag still on.) and a bunny (50 cents) I got the bread stuff, the pier 1 baskets, and the red candle holder down below for $3!
1$ milk pitcher. I am obsessed with pitchers. <3 I buy every one I see at thrift stores. No joke. I'll post my collection later on...
Candle holder. This is pure epicness. I love it. That's the only reason I (my mom.. hehehe) handed over $5 for this.
Here's the red candle holder. I almost bought one just like this at a thrift store for $3.

$1 teapot. My next obsession :)

Ok, I can't wait to show this to you! It is pure awesome, I tell you! Our zoo is having a recycled sculpture contest thing, and I was thinking about what to make for ever! 2 days ago (it needed to be turned in today.) I asked my dad if he had any ideas. He said he'd think about it and went off to go read. 20 minutes later he dragged me over to an old fan we had laying around (I tell you, we have all sorts of junk laying around :P) and started taking it apart. He then held the pieces up and asked if it looked like a dragonfly... It totally did, because he is awesome and is soooo much more creative than me :D Can you tell he's pretty cool? :P So then we (he) put it all together and 4 hours later... voila:
(It's the fan-fly.)

The tail is aluminum flashing, and the legs are old rebar. :D I love it!


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Hannah said...

That is the coolest fan I have ever seen!!!