Monday, April 4, 2011

Randomness for the day :P

Here are some of the shadow pictures me and my friend took, sorry 'cause they are sort of bad, but it was fun :D \/ that's me and my bro.. :P I'm not that
deformed! :P
Out of the blue last night (it was sprinkleing though) it hailed! Big hail! :( It was really loud! I thought it was going to break my window! Good thing we keep the cars in our garage! The hail was about the size of a marble, which is the biggest I've ever seen! Oh, and yes, this happened the night of the 88 degree day. :( It's been max 53 degrees today! That makes me sad :'( I was excited about nice weather!

Here is today's verse: (on a pic of my fave thrift store find! Only 50 cents and I love it to death!!! More on our trip thrifting later...)

Oh and check this out! I found this amazing video for Picnik! It really works well if your picture is in good lighting, if it's not it won't work as well!



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