Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Bible Verses!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday! My BFF came over in the morning, and we painted some of the murals and hung out for the rest of the day, and then she slept over! :D Fun! So here is today's verse (BTW I have no clue what that lil thing by the verse is... and how it got there! ): Yesterdays:
I think this summer I might buy Picnik premium... Because I am just sooo jealous of the people who do have it,and it is much cheaper than Photoshop + they don't make a new version each year or so! :P

Here are somr random things I have found and might try to replicate in the future... tell me which one's you are interested in a tutorial for :D
Electrical wire rings... how clever! I have no clue where I found this! Sorry!
Pencil tree. Really. How awesome is that??? It could even hold necklaces or something! Again, no link :( I promise I'll start remebering to get the links!
I was thinking that a dollar tree mirror + flattened marbles + the skinny round wood pieces in the place matts + some hot glue would make this. Do you like it? Ye or ne?
This is from Anthro (I think.) Just a clear votive from Dollar Tree (can you tell I love that place? They should totally pay me for using them all of the time! I could have like a "Dollar Tree" blog! Hehehehe! :D I should seriously look into that when my blog gets bigger :P) and some spraypainted twigs.. it would be best with the ... oh, whatsitcalled???... ummm... drift wood! I should probably delete that, because I was typing what was going through my head, but I'll just leave that as an example of how I think! Hehe! Too bad I don't live near an ocean or where ever you get drift wood! :(
This is from Antropologie also, Do you think it would look cool with paint chips instead of the shell/fish scale? thingies?

I am very happy to tell you that the weather is now warmer! It was in the 50's 3 days ago, but it got warmer. today was the warmest yet. Way too warm. I think the weather just decided to skip spring, it was 88 degrees today. Yeah. Talk about sudden change! :P I just want it to be spring!!!!! Not summer!

Today I spent laying around with my 3 year old bro listening to music! It was soo cute! We just pulled out a blanket and layed on our driveway in the sunlistening to my ipod! :P I <3 him!




Andrew said...

sorry about my the other comment I had a bunch of miss spelled words. Anyway I think the pencil tree is amazing, it would look great with an earaser pot.

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

I love the pencil tree:) and bible verses make me happy inside. Church this Sunday was lovely:)