Friday, April 1, 2011

My new jewelry organizer!

First comes the bible verse of the day: Yesterday I said how I got a new jewelry organizer, and mentioned something about "bead soup". First I will explain what it is... it is this awesome thing they sell at Joann's. It is a container with two layers the top holds a long chain, earrings, the earring dangly things, and some other stuff! It is all random, so you really have no clue what you will get! :D The bottom is filled with random beads... I am in love with it! They were having a buy two get one free on jewelry making supplies, and I got 3 of the bead soups. Good thing they only had 3 different colors left! :D They were $9 each... so $18 for 3... epic deal! I also bought some of the other supplies I wanted at buy two get one free. Sorry! I was so excited to sort the beads that I didn't get a pic of the can of "bead soup" :P Here is my new container, I got it for $3 on sale at Hobby Lobby:
So here is what is in it:
(sorry, I am bad at putting my thoughts into words, so basically ignore my 'thinggys' and look at what the object is :P)

You can take the little containers off too! :D This box makes me soo happy! :D
When you take the lid off you find this:
If you put the lid on tight, no matter how much you shake it no beads will shift sections.
Underneath that I keep these^ pill bottles holding my beads. All 3 of my bead soups fit in this container, plus some other stuff I had. I wouldn't reccomend getting the bead soup with the sortof cheesy looking plastic beads unless you are getting it for a child. :D

Unfortunately, I have been feeling bad all day. I have a bad headache and I sortof feel like throwing up. I hope I feel better tomorrow!



MaryBeth said...

I use baby food jars to stay organized! I keep them for pony holders and bobby pins in my makeup drawer!

Emily said...

yes, i have that same container and it was filled with seed beads and glass beads. Cute storage ideas.

Hannah said...

Hey there, Alyssa! I just wanted you to know that every friday, I'm going to be hosting friday findings, when all of my blogging buddies can share the things that caught their eye this week. Whether it's an old antique piece of furniture or a fun piece of jewelry, I think it would be fun to share! Feel free to check it out!

~With Love, Hannah

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

uuuuuh I'm not even closed to as organized as you are!!!! Insane! I just happened to stumble upon your blog and I'm hoping that some of your craftiness will rub off on me (not likely). I just started following today, hope you can stop by my blog and do the same. I'm a month old baby blogger and I love each and everyone of my followers:)

lucy said...

you are one organized lady! thanks for stopping by my blog -- i'll be following along with yours, too.