Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tutorial ~ jersey bracelet

Today's tutorial is very similar to the t-shirt necklace, it was made using an old tee too! :D Here is one version:
You need scissors, hot glue, and an old t-shirt/ some jersey/

1. Cut 4 long 1 in strips of your tee and glue them together.

2.glue the glued edge together like so. Make sure they are really long! my tee was a size small and I needed double the length. So to tell the truth mine is a fail. :'( You can sew two strips together and continue and you will have a good length. (I used from the top of the neck, to the bottom (by your bottom))

3. Lay it out like in scene 1. now you are going to knot the two strands on the right, and the two strands on the left. Now take the two strands that are now in the middle and knot them. Now repeat. :D If this doesn't make sense, comment and I'll make a new tutorial for it.. I forgot to take pics! :P

^ Glue the ends to the other end. (If you make your strips longer, you will have the pretty-ness all around, so do the same thing so it fits your wrist.)
Cover with another small strip. ^
WEAR! :D My fave part! And it is sooo soft!
this is what the back looks like ^
I made a braided one too ^

So like I said before... sorry for the bad tutorial and don't copy mine exactly. I didn't have enough fabric left to start over, so I am sorry! If you are interested in me making a new tutorial step -by-step, please comment... this time I'll do it right! :P Just goes to show that everyone fails... but each time you try, you get a little better because you learn from your mistakes! :D

^Annnd today's verse! All of the "background" pics recently were actually taken by me.

Thank you for reading!


(PS. I have a bunch of actually fairly good tutorials coming up soon! :D I am finding it hard to find the time to blog each day. Oh, and I found this AWESOME thing called bead soup. May I just say that it is the coolest thing ever? Because it is. I'll post about that tomorrow! :D)

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Heather Frost said...

Thanks for the steps to making the bracelette. It's so cute