Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here's today's verse:
I have been eyeing Anthropologie recently... they have some adorable stuff! Check out their rug selection! Love this pillow... this one too! But for 68$ +??? Are you kidding me? I could get 67 things from the dollar store for that!!! Wow. Really.? I think these are cute... but even at 50% off they are ridiculously priced!! For 428$ this is ugly. I hate it. I wouldn't buy it at a garage sale for 5 cents. I. Love. this. (but not on me...)

West elm's ceramic vases are on sale... I think they are pretty, but (I know the priceis cheap)I still wouldn't pay 15$ for a small vase. MAYBE.... I've loved these since they started selling them! + free shipping... :D I am in love with this! I love the clean, modern lines it has, and it's sort of funny! I really want the big one... but the small one is the only one on sale! :( And it is wayyy too small for all of my junk! lol! I am drooling over this duvet cover! It's sooo pretty!

Do you like it when I do this? Should I do more? :D



(PS. I'm enjoying all of the comments! I was thinking about it... I hope my blog never has 1,000 followers because I like to read all of the comments, and there is NO WAY I could read the few hundred I'd get each day...)

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hey alyssa!

i would love to answer your question... could you email me? my email is comeshoppinklemonade@yahoo.com

thanks!! <3