Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What have I been doing?

My old art teacher and one of her student's moms decided to open up an art studio/ bakery together. They are going to have art classes and lots of sweets, such as cupcakes and cookies there! :D They bought the place and are painting alot of murals on the walls, and they invited me!! So that's what I was doing all day yesterday and today! They have alot of really cool ideas for the place, I hope they can do them all! Her idea is to do alot of murals of famous pieces of art... so here are some things we are working on: This is in the middle ^ I'm not doing this one though. I'm also not sure what painting it is...
This is in the middle... they just found the picture in a book.
^ This is with out the detail, we are going to continue with the details...
here is the original that we are replicating^
We are painting the peaceable kingdom too, I did the ^ bull/cow thing because it is the only animal that isn't making an ugly face! :P I really don't like that picture, I know it's famous and everything... but I think it's really creepy! There are a few kids falling down a cliff, and all of the animals are ugly! Click here to see the original. Don't judge my non-exactness of the cow! :P
Here is me goofing around... ^
Someone painted this lion, and I was supposed to shade it and stuff... whups! I totally ruined it! I couldn't get the right color... so I just re-painted the whole thing! Oh, I hate myself! I majorly messed it up!
^Yeah, that's what I did.... I can't believe I am about to post this on the internet!! :'(
Alright, I am sorry! I am showing this from end to beggining, because blogger is a pain and you have to upload everything backwards... So I sketched this out and my mom and I painted this all ourselves! :D They gave us a whole bunch of acrylic paints and so we had to paint 4 coats of each color. :( not cool! And we used a giant sharpie to go around the edges, which totally didn't work because the wall is anything but flat. It took forever!
(without sharpie)
(without white) This is my sketch, I had to turn it into black and white for you to see the lines!

^Yesterday's bible verse

OMG! Look at that jellyfish! Seriously?!?! It's going to kill the guy! Sorry, I have no link because I just found it randomly and wasn't thinking about posting it.
^ today's verse.

I am sooo tired! I'm off to rest! :D Have a good night, and comment with any suggestions for the murals etc! I'll post the finished murals when we finish them!




AllyM said...

Thanks for the comment! You are a beautiful artist!


ps. im following you:)

Andrew said...

Ilike the bull cow whatever it is, the darks and lights are well done:)

Anonymous said...

Awws! I actually think your longhorn is AWESOME! :D :) <3 and I like your lion too!! ^^ :D (heehee turn it into a liger! Rofl jk) omg that seems so fun </3 I need a break from school to do something fun like that XD :) I swear I just feel tired and down all the time because of school T___T this week stinks really badly so far lol :P :) if I could, I would paint Len on my wall! And in the way he looks like for butterfly on my right shoulder ;A; http://cf.sketchfu.com/i/2716046.png
It's cool CX I've always wanted so since someone else did it lol ::

Alyssa said...

Thank you guys!! :D The butterfly on my shoulder thing is cool! more l8r!

Alyssa said...

Hehe! I should totally turn it into a liger! :P I still can't believe how badly I messed that up! Hope your school gets better! When do you get off school? Ph, and giveaways go like this: I post about it, then you have to comment for an entry, then I randomly select a number and whoever is that number down the list wins, I email you and get your address, pack whatever it is up and mail it to you, you recieve it and jump for joy! :P Not sure how my dad feels about me getting peoples addresses and them getting mine! :( I hope he says yes! I'll prob do a giveaway at 20 followers! I have a few tutorials in the making... ^-^

Leigh said...

amazing amazing amazing! all the art is amazing!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Gah!!! I posted something a couple of days ago and when i came back to checkit wasn't there!!!!! :'o I think this is telling me not to the to post from my phone haha XD .... well anyways, a recap of what i had said, I love your lion! It's awesome how it is. And I also don't know what my parents would say about the adress thing XD :3 gah im sorry your feeling bad :( </3 get better! And your jewelry making stuff looks so cool!!! :D

Alyssa said...

Ty! You are soo sweet! :D))) <wow, you make me have alot of double chins. :P IK about the address stuff, haven't asked yet... but it's really normal for blogs to do... Have them look at it, I swearz i'm not a creep :P Hehehe! And you've pretty much confirmed to me by commenting etc that you arent a creep either! :P I hope i'm right!:O