Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WARNING: picture overload!

A while back I told you we went on the Homes Tour and I told you I'd show you all of the pictures I took. I took a gazillion pics, so I'm only showing you some of the pictures though! And before you start seeing some really bad pictures and thinking I fail at taking pics, let me tell you why my pictures are so bad: There were other people there too, and I was too shy to take pics of random things in front of them; so when they walked away, I'd snap a few without taking the time to do it right because some more people were coming in the room. Wow, run-on sentance!!!

I love this:

and this:

And once I find some where to put it I'm going to have my dad make me this:

I'm going to paint a picture like this:

Love this bathroom:

This is so cool! it's window inside of a mirror!

Love this backsplashish thing:

Beautiful bathroom:

pretty tile:

MUDROOMS! I've been sortof planning for me and my dad to make a shelf-mudroomish thing like these.... but my plan is better... I'll share it later :D

Glazed cream island:

I love the little shelf thing (forgot what it's called :D)

Distressed black cabinets :D

Me making a weird face in the mirror because I'm in total awe of all of the uber expensive stuff in this house:

Love this:

This room was so funny! It was staged to be a girl named Hailey's room, so embroidered on the pillow is "HAILEY" And on the wall they wrote "HAILEE" Fail.

Love this pic:

my mom liked the sparkly stuff in this:

Apothacary jars with moss balls in them... LOVE:

I want to do this to our island. Seriously. And the cabinets would be either distressed cream or glazed cream. Hah! Like that's ever gonna happen! (I'd distress a lil' less... what do you think?):

Pretty kitchen:


I had to take a picture of this because it is just too funny! I guess it's normal for these houses to have bow-ed toilets, but I thought it was just hilarious.

The back of this chair is so pretty!

more decor balls:

I.AM.IN.LOVE.With. This. Dining Room (?).So much prettier in real life:

My mom wants to hang pics like this somewhere:

Me freaking out in the reflection because the shower is the size of my bathroom. WHOA!

Once upon a time.. I fell in love with a million dollar house. It had a gorgeous dining room ^(up there somewhere :D) and lots of pretty rooms. But there is no way I could ever get that house. :( Stinkiness. OH MAH GOSHIES! Look at that. Whaaaa?!!?! Can I have this bathroom please?!!!

I love this! I see it in my DIYish future:

Cardboard deer head. Suh-weet!

pretty wood mirror:

Cutest girls room! Love the bed, I want it. Bad.

This is the bathroom in my (dream) million dollar house:

Yeah. I didn't even know we lived this close to 400,000+$ houses!!

Cute pillow:

This was the front of the million dollar house.^ Yeah. the doors were like 30 feet high, and oh-so-pretty!

Thanks for reading! I'll be back with more crafty tutorials later! Life is so busy!




Anna Lang said...

Okay so i intern with an interior designer AND I FREAKIN DESIGNED THAT HOUSE WITH HERR!!!
and hahahah i agree, i noticed the pillows too but i guess the people who made the pillow messed up and we didnt have time to order a new one in time to get it there for the home tour ;)

Tiffany said...

I'm building a home and I LOVE looking at the models for decorating ideas, its super fun.

Tiffany, I blog over at