Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FREE Advertising!

Hey guys! I just made an advertising tab in the left sidebar, I advise checking it out ASAP. :D

Love you all! I have the best followers and commentors EVER!


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Sharde said...

my blog is still on blogger, I just pay 10$ per year now for the new URL basically. I still log in through blogger and do all of my posts through blogger. i personally wouldn't go through typepad because its not as popular as wordpress or blogger. I prefer blogger as of right now, although wordpress has some cool widgets that blogger doesn't have yet. but thats okay with me because i'm alright with HTML. (i took classes in high school) so yes, there is still the follower gadget and you have your own domain name (aka .com url).
i haven't really had problems with blogger, except right now with transitioning my blog over to my own domain name. which should be done by tomorrow hopefully.

and yeah.. california is alright. im very happy and blessed to be back with my hubs but i feel out of place right now because i don't fit in. and there's no white people here which is just weird hahaha. :) i hope all of that helps alyssa! have an awesome 4th